Christmas is coming and the tree is getting warmed!

In this video we talk about how we prepare our Christmas tree for the festivities, preparing it from it’s outdoor year-round life in the allotment, for it’s short break indoors in our warm home. We want the tree to have a long and happy life so we’ve picked up a few tips along the way to allow this over the four years we’ve had this particular tree.

We recommend looking for a tree with roots (otherwise it would die!), try and buy it from a reputable retailer/stockist as some trees marketed as “with roots” have some of the roots removed so that they are not suitable for growing on. Look for the smallest tree you can bear (and then a bit smaller) in order to have a cutesy Christmas tree that will last your family for many happy years to come! After Christmas is over look for a Terracotta pot, in which you can bury the tree on the ground, and the clay helps passage of moisture so that the tree can more easily draw moisture from the ground. Every few years pot on.

Being based in Liverpool we bought our tree from the fantastic Aigburth Hall Nursery (~£25), but we also say very small growable trees at B&Q (£~14). Any questions/comments either post a comment here or back on the Youtube page.

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