Putting up an Ikea Pax Tonnes wardrobe on uneven floorboards

We made this short video which explains how we finally managed to put up our new Pax Tonnes wardrobe despite our wonky uneven floorboards. This wardrobe is great at what it does to keep all of our clothes together and organised rather than strewn across the floor. It’s got the space and organisation options we required. As our house is quite old (1900’s red brick terrace, high ceilings, wooden floorboards) we were worried that anything that resembled ‘fitted wardrobe’ would not suit, but the Pax Tonnes with glass doors and asian inspired cherry blossom design fits in very well, does not do away with the heritage of the house but instead just is.

But construction must surely be easier in a new build with level flooring. Our floor must have sunk slightly, as the joists and floorboards aren’t level any more. Not noticably so, but when putting up each of the components of the wardrobe (four individual cupboards screwed together) I noticed up to an inch difference in height. And for the rail and door system to fit/work they must be completely in line. Hence I packed each cupboard using varying amounts of ply to obtain an equal height. It took more than one effort.

Here’s the video:

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